aleph.index.entities._index_updates(collection, entities)

Look up existing index documents and generate an updated form.

This is necessary to make the index accumulative, i.e. if an entity or link gets indexed twice with different field values, it’ll add up the different field values into a single record. This is to avoid overwriting the document and losing field values. An alternative solution would be to implement this in Groovy on the ES.


Delete an entity from the index.

aleph.index.entities.finalize_index(data, schema, texts)

Apply final denormalisations to the index.


Fetch an entity from the index.

aleph.index.entities.index_bulk(collection, entities)

Index a set of entities.


Index an entity.

aleph.index.entities.index_single(obj, data, texts)

Indexing aspects common to entities and documents.